Ben bir "anne" değilim, aynı zamanda "eş" de değilim, "dekoratör" olmadığım gibi profesyonel bir "fotoğrafçı" da değilim, hele "aşçı" hiç değilim...

Ben dönekçe her an farklı bir şeye merak duyan alık bir balığım...


Hello. I'm Ayda, a blogger who wants to create beautiful things with a passion inspired by nature. My eyes are always scanning my surroundings for meaning and beauty. I've always been captivated by color, textures, shapes and light.
I live in Istanbul with my younger sister and I have been working fulltime as an engineer but I always interested with interior decoration, craft, homemade foods and art. I started blogging in January 2011. I always wanted to have my own little café, but this has not happened as yet. (I'm still hopeful though!) So I thought if I cannot have a real café I could have a virtual one. I wanted to share the things I like; interior decoration, craft, homemade food, my memories, as if sitting in a café chatting with your friends. "nohut" is the nickname I've had for many years, it means chickpea in English - I have a petite frame like a chickpea!
It's my hope that my blog will inspire and touch you. Our world is full of such beauty and it is my ultimate pleasure to share it with you.

I am not a mom, at the same time not a wife or a decorator, either a professional photographer or especially a cook ! I'm a silly pisces who wants to be something different any time, any moment !

P.S.; Sorry for my English, I am still trying to learn it.


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